Rederij Staets

Private trip on the canals of Amsterdam

Rent a boat Amsterdam Exclusive for 20 - 80 persons

Private trip on the canals of Amsterdam, that’s Staets:

  • Groups of 20 to 80 persons
  • Rent a boat with skipper
  • Roof opens fully in summer
  • Modern and flexible layout
  • Stylish oak bar
  • Toilets on board
  • Heated in winter
  • Powered by silent electric motor

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It was Hendrick Jacobsz Staets who first thought up the Amsterdam Canal District in the 17th century. An Amsterdam pioneer who was far ahead of his time. And that is exactly what our company stands for. Two exclusive boats in Amsterdam that are far ahead of their time. The guarantee of a luxury canal trip during which you will discover the pearls of Amsterdam. Where you will experience a sense of St. Tropez on the Amsterdam canals. A canal boat in Amsterdam that breathes luxury and comfort and which makes the heart beat faster.

Rent a boat in Amsterdam, discover the secret

Two unique and identically designed canal boats: Staets I and Staets II. A futuristic, ultramodern canal boat in Amsterdam. And sustainable. It so happens that the canal boats have silent electric propulsion and generate some of the energy required via solar panels.

A roof that fully opens in summer

A stylish canal trip through Amsterdam and the surroundings with Rederij Staets is comfortable the whole year round. Delightfully heated in winter and the panorama roof opens all the way and the windows in the hull disappear in summer when the weather permits. What is nicer than enjoying everything Amsterdam has to offer in the sun?

The most beautiful experience, that’s Staets.

Staets sails exclusively with groups of 20 to 80 persons You may rent a boat in Amsterdam for a short canal trip, floating drinks and dinner and for a floating party thanks to the modern and flexible layout. You will be served from a modern oak bar.

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There is nothing like Staets.

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For a canal trip through Amsterdam and the surroundings in style and luxury. Exclusively for groups of 20 to 90 persons . Call: +31(0)6 - 364 059 67


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