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Sailing in Amsterdam, enjoyment in style & luxury

The canals of Amsterdam: a well-kept secret!

The whole world knows that Amsterdam has the most beautiful canals. But the fact that one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the famous Keizersgracht, was designed and built by City carpenter Hendrick Jacobsz Staets has remained a well-kept secret.

Discover the pearls of Amsterdam

That is why we are happy to introduce you to Rederij Staets. A day trip in Amsterdam with Staets means luxury and style. Your party will sail past the most beautiful places Amsterdam has to offer. We let you discover the pearls of Amsterdam and we of course will sail past the splendid architecture from the golden age of the 17th century.

It’s not just a canal boat, it’s Staets.

Rederij Staets is the first in Amsterdam to offer two ultramodern sustainable canal boats. Sustainable because the motor is powered by solar energy. Ultramodern because the design and all the facilities on board our canal boats emit true class. Rederij Staets therefore offers a fantastic ambiance for enjoying everything that is beautiful in Amsterdam and the surroundings in style and luxury.

There is nothing like Staets.

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For a canal trip through Amsterdam and the surroundings in style and luxury. Exclusively for groups of 20 to 90 persons . Call: +31(0)6 - 364 059 67


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